Top Posts 2010

Anne Arundel County Fair, 76 page views as of December 12, 2010

This week will showcase the top posts, based on page views, for the blog over the year.  Today’s photo is from the Anne Arundel County Fair this past September.  This photo, by a gigantic margin, was the most popular post on the blog this year.  The photo itself is, by far, not my most favorite of the year.  In fact, it doesn’t even make the top ten.  However this post, taught be a few things about keeping a photoblog.  First, I saw first hand the power or sharing life via a blog post.  Each time I have posted photos/post that chronicle daily family life people tend to read.  And second, this photo’s popularity is most influenced by good tagging.  Both from the web (via google) and from wordpress tags, visitors have clicked through to this site because of the phrase “county fair”.  So the first and most important goal from 2011 on Photos Along the Way will be to provide more posts relevant to daily life both around my family, and of the people in the community around me.

Here are the top ten posts of 2010 as of today.  Please check them out and comment on your favorites.

Welcome Fall–County Fair Wrap Up More stats 73
Saturday in the Park More stats 36
A Dad with His Girls More stats 34
Good Morning– Victoria More stats 34
Photo 365, Day 1 January 1, 2010 “Bus Stop” More stats 32
Broadneck Crushes Severna Park More stats 31
Rosanna Rosanna Anna Danna More stats 31
The 2009 that was…. More stats 27
Photo 365 Day 23 Bush River HDR—**My First HDR** More stats 25
Photo 365 Day 18 “Belair Mansion, Bowie MD” More stats 25

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