Guest Photographer–My Dad

Snowy Bird, Photo by Nelson Cross Jr, December 2010, F5.6 ISO200 1/90 250mm

My dad sent me this photo today taken in his backyard.  I could resist posting it for today’s photo of the day.

I trace my love for photography back to my Dad who has been taking photos since my earliest memory.  I’m not talking about snapshot photography either, my dad was (and still is) a serious amateur who took control of his camera from film to developing to matting and framing.    One of my fondest childhood memories was helping my Dad develop prints in the dark room he set up in the powder room of our house.  I loved every minute of it, from the strange red light to watching the print develop right in from of my eyes as it worked through the various baths of chemicals.  I also remember spending a lot of time at Monaco’s camera shop in Glen Burnie MD.

There is a black and white print hanging at my parents house that my Dad took when we were kids.  It’s a profile of my brother and I set against a black background.  I remember the day my Dad composed the shot and how serious he was in the small studio he set up in what was our playroom. He took what seemed like hours of photos of us.  It wasn’t very much fun at the time, but the memory stays and I remember the day each time I walk past the print.

Most of what my dad shot were 35mm slides.  He has boxes and boxes of slides.  It’s time to get those slides into JPEG, which will be a project for 2011.  Look for glances back at my childhood, through my Dad’s lens in the year to come.

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