Happy 2011 and Blog Goals for the New Year

My Favorite of 2010

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope all of our readers had a happy and safe holiday season, and  want to extended a wish of good luck and fortune in the new year to all that stop by the pages of Photos Along the way.  2010 will see a few changes to the blog and I’ve set a some goals for the new year as well.  Here they are:

  • Post better photos.  In looking back I am proud of about 80% of the photos posted over the last year.  Of course a huge part of this goal is to take better photos. But there were times over the past year where I posted just to post.  This year, I’ll resist that urge.  What that means is there may not be a photo every day, but there will be regular photos posted.
  • Get a new name/domain for the blog. As I have posted before this photo blog is a genesis of an old blog named communityis.  It never worked for photos, but nonetheless here we are with the awkward name.  It’s time to cement a web identity.
  • Guest/Contributing postings.  We’re going to branch out a little and let some photog friends take the helm here with some guest photo posting and contribution.  This cannot hurt the relevance of the site and will provide a bit of a different perspective to the readers  who are friends and not necessarily photographers.
  • The big 2010 project.  Last year my goal was to do a Photo365 and I was both successful and unsuccessful with that endeavor.  Folks its hard to take or find, edit, create a post,  and publish a photo each day.  Fortunately, I have developed a system for doing this quickly.  However, forcing a photo a day is in contradiction to the first goal above.  This year my goal will be to post photos from each site listed on National Register of Historic Places in the state of MarylandHere’s a link.  To track this progress I’ll be adding a page to the site that will list and track the progress.  This is an aggressive goal, and one that will provide an abundance of chances to take an post photos.

The photo above is my favorite post of 2010.  It’s a photo of the town of Chincoteague Va shortly after dusk on a warm October evening.  You can read the original post here.  The reason this is my favorite is more personal than technical, but all in all that’s what the art of photography is all about.  The story this photo tells is one of a not-so-sleepy fishing village and it’s link to the world.  However, for me, the photo represents a very special weekend spent with my kids.

The new year’s bath of postings begins Monday, until then be safe and load your camera up, there are photos along the way in need of sharing.


4 thoughts on “Happy 2011 and Blog Goals for the New Year

  1. I agree about getting good shots everyday and posting them, that is a lot of work. Hope 2011 brings many opportunities to have great pictures and meet all of your goals. Best of luck in 2011!


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