January Housekeeping

If today is the first day you have landed at Photos Along the Way in a while you’ll notice a few changes.

First, I have changed the theme to a simpler and cleaner model for publishing.  This new theme gets rid of the awkward dark blue/light blue issues I had with the last theme.  One drawback to the new theme is that the posting column is “fixed-width“, whereas the old them was flexible.  This means I’ll have to post photos that fit a fixed maximum pixel width, which ultimately means some photos will be smaller.  I’ll try to add a link to the larger photo in these cases.

Second, I have added some tabs above.  I had written the “About” tab a few months ago but never posted the content.  With a new year, and new goals for 2011 I decided to add the tab to your view.  So if you want to know a little about why this blog exists take a look.  I have also added tab for my goals (photographically speaking) for 2011.

I hope you enjoy the changes in scenery.  Please feel free to drop a comment with any ideas for making the site better.


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