My favorite Spot

Little Magothy River;F4.5, ISO200, 1/40, 7.4MM, B/W added in Lightroom

We were challenged at church Sunday to take a walk and look for closeness to God.  So here is my favorite spot to do just that.  If you have read posts over the the last 9 months or so you have seen this vantage point before.  The view above is the Little Magothy River at our community pier.  While I don’t often walk here, I do stop by quite a bit to shoot a few photos and reflect on the day ahead or the one just past.

The photo itself was taken way back in January 2008, about a month after I received the Canon G9. I remember the afternoon well.  It was cold and I didn’t really have a clue how to dial in my camera.  So this was shot in “auto” mode.  Despite that the photo turned out quite well and I am glad I found it again for the blog today.

For some reason I am really digging Black and White and Sepia renders of my color photos.  Not really sure where that will lead or how long I’ll feel that way.  But I hope you enjoy in the meantime.


4 thoughts on “My favorite Spot

  1. Nice photo Nels.

    Can you add Mrs Gairy to your Photo’s Along the Way email list. I’ve been telling her about your photography and she’d like to be included on your list.

    Yo MaMa


  2. I can understand the black and white thing. I’ve had an obsession for 6-9 months now with a couple of quickie post processing effects that are supposed to look “vintage”. I like what they do to the colors, just like B&W helping you see something else.

    Nice picture!


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