Glitter; F3.5 1/30 16.8MM ISO400

I was monumentally ticked at the photos I took at the recital.  I simply didn’t have a lens that could open wider than F4.  And where there is normally tons of stage light at a recital, Saturday there was barely any at all.  It was truly frustrating.  So I switched cameras and played with the BW feature on my Canon G9.  The shot above is a product of that experimentation.

Canon PowerShot G9
Image via Wikipedia

The dancers had just danced to the edge of the stage and threw hand fulls of glitter into the air.  I think it made a very compelling effect, so thus it’s today’s photo.

I had the camera set to the “Wide” setting and I am not so sure that helped the image, but it didn’t hurt it either.


4 thoughts on “Glitter

  1. my bad nels… didnt even notice your post yesterday. this is a great shot. offering some words of advice though as far as your method is concerned:

    I never shoot b/w from inside the camera. If you shoot in full color and bring your image into Photoshop, you’ve got more flexibility when converting to b/w. In the camera, you’re limited to what it has preset. I encourage you to play around with “Channel Mixer.” Make sure you click the “monochrome” checkbox, and play with your sliders. The lowering the “constant” slider will really make your blacks blacker and will add some amazing contrast to your image.


  2. I agree, that’s the method I generally use. Thanks for the monochrome and channel mixer tip though. I usually edit it in color, then add one of the bw presets in lightroom. That could explain why sometime the images pop and others are flat. Thanks for the tip.


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