DPS-Macro Week Photo


Flower; F6.3 1/200 200MM ISO400

This weeks photo theme in Digital Photography School’s theme calendar is “Macro”.  My personal schedule has been one that hasn’t allowed me to get out and take photos lately.  So, this is a flower I captured at the US Botanic Gardens last February.

3 thoughts on “DPS-Macro Week Photo

  1. Perfect example of how a cool subject can make a cool photo. Ansel Adams made a living off of it. Well… he actually made his living in the dark room, but you get the idea. There’s nothing tremendous about skill involved in actually taking the photos he took, but he caught the perfect subject at the perfect time. Nice photo, Nels.


  2. Back a few years ago there was a lunch spot we would hit frequently that had a Ansel Adams panorama of the McKinley range in Alaska hung on the wall. I was drawn to the photo and wondered how in the world it had some much detail. Of course, now I kinda know how it was done. Much, much more to learn. I appreciate the compliment!

    The photo you tagged in the second compliment was yesterday’s photo of the day. It was one of the only “keepers” from the dance recital Saturday afternoon. Thanks!


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