First Drumset

First Drums, '75 or so, No Exif


Correction:  This is actually a drum set that was given to my Father in 1960.  It looks amazingly like my first drum set that I describe below.

I tried really hard to take photos tonight on my way home from work, but for lack of a better term, they stunk so bad even photoshop couldn’t help.  Not to disappoint here is a shot from the “photo project” that is kind of neat (to me at least).  This is my first drum set.  This photo, however, was not taken in my house and is missing a component that it had when I received the kit.  My guess is this is a photo my dad shot of the drum set before I received it as a Christmas gift.

When I got the drums it came with a high hat stand  and very inexpensive high hat cymbals (that I used for probably 10-15 years).  A few years after receiving this I bought (or received as a gift) a blue metallic floor tom that didn’t match the set and a 22 inch Camber ride cymbal, that again I used well into high school.

About the time I got to 6th grade, I was given a pearl white 5 piece Ludwig “Rocker” set, that I played through High School and into college.  During this period I managed to scrape together some money to buy a few decent Zildjian Cymbals.  By the time I hit late college, I was playing in a few, what seemed at the time at least, serious bands.  So I traded in the Ludwig’s for a set of  Gun Metal grey Tama Grandstars.  That was a sweet set that I played until about a year ago, when I gave them to some friends who’s sons were getting into music.  Truth told they sat in my laundry room for a few years untouched.

Also, I don’t remember the sweet mauve drum stool.

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