Snow Day

Snow Day (converted from slide), circa mid-70's

Here is another slide conversion from my father’s photo collection.  It’s was taken after a brisk snowstorm in the mid-70’s. I think I was with my dad when he took this photo.  I remember a snowy winter day loading into his Ford Ranchero and driving around with him taking photos of the snow.    As another batch of wintery mess is on tap today, I thought I share this image with everyone.  As I said yesterday, I am about done with winter this year.  Ready for the warm days of spring, and the hot days of summer.

All that withstanding, the image above is very compelling to me.  The tree, of course, offers ample shade on a warm sunny summer day, but looks bleak here.  The clouds show the cold overcast afternoon, while what little sun there is is shining on snow that has a hint of ice forming.  The photo is very cold, and also very nicely composed.  Good shot dad.

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