Druid Ridge Stream

F16 at 1/60 ISO100 28MM

Here is a lazy stream at Druid Ridge.  I should have spent some more time setting up and taking this shot, perhaps even bracketing the shot.  Nonetheless, here is my favorite shot from Sunday’s Druid Ridge Cemetery photowalk.  This was taken before I put the ND grad filter on the lens.  However, I was able to capture both the sky and the reflection of the trees in the stream.  I am going to do some more work on this photo so stay tuned.

Happy Wednesday everyone.



4 thoughts on “Druid Ridge Stream

    1. As always thanks Drew. I am really kicking myself for this one. With a little more time thinkg about this shot there were several other angles that would have made it pop. I’ll take this one though!


  1. Don’t be hard on yourself. Its a really good composition. I like how the tree is the dominant object in the image and the stream helps lead the eye right up to it. Great stuff! It’s nice to have a fellow “of the dayer” posting pictures!


    1. Thanks Drew. Honestly, this was probably the best shot I had all day. One of my personal goals for the day was to “not” rush and just start firing the shutter. I feel like I pointed and shot, and moved on. Anyway, I’m with you, I enjoy watching your photos come through each day also…. although I am not sure I am contributing to your stats because I usually pull them from your rss feed.


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