The EXIF Drilldown kicked my tail


Fells Point, Baltimore February 2010

My apologies for the extended hiatus.  Sports have started and my evening schedule has been a bit chaotic lately.  I am going to try to schedule posts ahead of time so we don’t have a lag in posting.  One thing is for sure, the schedule isn’t going to lighten any time soon.

I am currently sitting at the car dealership getting some service done to my truck.  Thanks to Apple Ford for free Wi-Fi.  I spent the past hour browsing through Flickr and practicing a drill posted on the Digital Photography School’s blog earlier in the week.  It’s called the Exif drill down.  I tested my ability to predict ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture on about 20 images.  After nailing the first image down to 1 stop on the Aperture I quickly settled into a pattern of missing a critical setting on just about every image.  It was a good drill that I started to improve on, and will definitely start to make this a regular practice drill.

So, what do you think the F, Shutter, and ISO settings are for this shot?  I’ll post the answers in the photo caption Sunday evening.


2 thoughts on “The EXIF Drilldown kicked my tail

    1. I wish I could afford a 1.8 lens. The settings were F5.6 1/250 ISO400. So I’d say you are better at the drilldown than I was. Thanks!


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