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The EXIF Drilldown kicked my tail


Fells Point, Baltimore February 2010

My apologies for the extended hiatus.  Sports have started and my evening schedule has been a bit chaotic lately.  I am going to try to schedule posts ahead of time so we don’t have a lag in posting.  One thing is for sure, the schedule isn’t going to lighten any time soon.

I am currently sitting at the car dealership getting some service done to my truck.  Thanks to Apple Ford for free Wi-Fi.  I spent the past hour browsing through Flickr and practicing a drill posted on the Digital Photography School’s blog earlier in the week.  It’s called the Exif drill down.  I tested my ability to predict ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture on about 20 images.  After nailing the first image down to 1 stop on the Aperture I quickly settled into a pattern of missing a critical setting on just about every image.  It was a good drill that I started to improve on, and will definitely start to make this a regular practice drill.

So, what do you think the F, Shutter, and ISO settings are for this shot?  I’ll post the answers in the photo caption Sunday evening.



  1. opticbard says:

    My guess would be F1.8, 1/250 or faster ISO 400.

    • Nels says:

      I wish I could afford a 1.8 lens. The settings were F5.6 1/250 ISO400. So I’d say you are better at the drilldown than I was. Thanks!

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