Saturday in the Cape

Great Blue Heron

We had a busy Saturday.  Most of the details are borin,  however the highlight of the day was a late afternoon trip to the park with my son.  We have been the residents of the Cape for nearly 8 years and have walked main beach out to the Little Magothy inlet many times.  However, a few weeks ago we discovered that there was a trail that lead out into the marsh between the Little Magothy and River Bay Road.  In the weeks since this has become a weekly trek for my son and myself.

This past Saturday as we were trekking out to the trail we ran across a Blue Heron wading in the marsh grass where the inlet meets the Little Magothy.  He was very still on the shorline, and allowed me to take many images of him before flying away.  I have seen many Blue Herons but only two when I had a camera and decent lens to capture the sight.  Here is a link to a Blue Heron we spotted in flight this past October in Chincoteague, VA. We also captured a Yellow Crested Night Heron while we were in Chincoteague, which I incorrectly identified as a Green Heron when I published the photo.

On to camera techie talk, this image was a test for my new Tamron 70-300 F/4-5.5 VC lens. It performed well.  I was able to steady my arm for this shot on a bulkhead piling an set the aperture on the camera to F18 for 1/13th second (100 ISO).  I took many photos at many f-stops, each one steady with the VC feature on the camera operating.  Aside from the auto-focus being a little slow the lens worked very well.  Until next post, be safe, and have your camera ready.

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