Chincoteague Virginia

Chincoteague VA, October 2010

Last October the kids and I spent a long weekend in Chincoteague VA.   I am not sure why we chose Chincoteague VA, our objective was to go camping for the weekend.  However, we ended up in a very nice hotel (with an indoor POOL).  It was a great weekend, and some much needed time away and time spent with the kids. Our daughter referred to it as “hotel camping”.

The bridge in this image has likely been demolished.  When we were there in October we were told that by Thanksgiving the “old” bridge would be torn down because the new bridge, which is behind the camera in this shot,  was now open and could better handle the traffic.    The old bridge was the town’s first efficient link to mainland Virginia.  Prior to this bridge being in place you could only access Chincoteague by boat.

I originally posted this photo here,  click through if you’d like to read the original post.  Some other photos taken that weekend can be found at the following links:

In closing, I hope your weekend is as photogenic as this weekend was for our family.  I know the weather man has spoiled a sunny, warm spring weekend, but there is still plenty to photograph; make sure you have your camera ready.


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