Caspian Tern

Caspian Tern, Cape St. Claire, May 2011

My self imposed Thursday publishing deadline came and went with no post.  I was sidetracked by after work meetings.  That said, today, Saturday, is my next “scheduled” posting day, so here is the next photo in the posting plan.

Here is a a Caspian Tern,  a very common and often seen shorebird in the eastern US.  On a recent trip to the beach park there were several terns flying up and down the surf.  I managed to take several photos with this one being the best capture.

There are several technical aspects of this photo which are the main reasons I have chosen to post and share here in this space.  First, I shot this with my Tamron F/4.5 70-300 lens, and the exif data indicates the lens was set at a 282mm focal length. Meaning that the lens was zoomed, or focused closer to a subject when standing farther away, almost to the limit of the lens.   Second, there are only minor edits to the image made in Adobe Lightroom.  Those points made, my new Tamron lens has allowed me to make the transition from the crop and edit trap, that defined my photography, to more of a capture and touch up situation.  This is a major step forward for my photography.

Enjoy your weekend. With Navy commissioning week coming up next week, I’ve scheduled a few photos from around Annapolis that will celebrate the class of 2011.


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