Blue Angel

Blue Angel on Display at NMC Stadium, Annapolis MD

The inner fabric of life on the  peninsula was shaken to it’s core Monday afternoon. It was the news that spread faster than the thicket of bamboo in my side yard.  The Navy announced Monday that the annual air show, which is a staple in the yearly commencement activities at the US Naval Academy, was cancelled.

What in the world are all our children going to do on Wednesday afternoon  now?

Today’s photo was captured while my son was at USNA Lacrosse Camp last summer.  It’s the Blue Angel on display outside the Navy Stadium.  I had planned for this to be Wednesday’s photo in keeping with the scheduled air show.  However, with the news of the cancellation, I decided to post the photo today.

In other news the plebes scaled a well greased Herndon monument in 2 hours 41 minutes today; so glad they brought back the lard. The Blue Angels will be missed, but congrats class of 2011. Enjoy commissioning week everyone.

Beat Army! (as if it’s really a contest)


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