Memorial Day Weekend

I carried my camera with me all week long, took a bunch of photos, and didn’t like a single one.  I was trying to catch a Blue Heron that I had seen flying around the lake behind my office.  But he was elusive, and apparently  very camera shy.  As a photographer this has been a hard lesson to learn.  You cannot control your subject, you have to catch it in action.

Last night my son and I took a bike ride to the Cape St. Claire main beach.  As soon as we arrived my son found a friend from class and off he went to play.  I captured the photo above with the phone on my camera. While it’s not the best image ever published, it’s by far the best I took all week. The image was captured and edited entirely on the phone.

Enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend.  I am going to take a self-imposed rest from technology for a few days.  I’m not kidding anyone, I’ll check my mail a few times.  However, I am officially signing off of my laptop/desktop for the duration of the weekend.  See you Tuesday.


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