Sunday Photos Part I: WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial, Scenic Overlook, Annapolis MD
Looks like Bars from a cell phone commercial

Sunday morning found me wide awake very early, in fact two hours before dawn early.  Seizing the opportunity, I grabbed my camera bag and tripod and headed out to take a few photos.  My trip made made four stops;  I’ll talk about the first three in my next blog post.  The fourth stop was at the WWII Memorial at the Scenic Overlook on MD450, at the foot of the Naval Academy bridge.

The overlook and memorial is a stop that’s been on several other photo-excursions.  However, my shots of Annapolis from the overlook have always been a little bland.  Sunday, in honor of Memorial Day, I decided to focus on the WWII memorial itself.  I captured a number of interesting shots, two of which I have shared in this post.

I say thank you on this Memorial Day to my friends and family who are in the military today, several of which have seen combat in Iraq.  I also remember my Grandfathers, who, after service to our country in WWI and WWII,  shaped who I am today.   To all members of our military, both present and past, thank you for your service to the USA.

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