Sunday Photowalk: Part Two

No early morning photowalk is complete without a stop by the favorite spot.  Sunday was no different.  This photo was taken about 20 minutes before the sun came up over the top right corner of the photo.  A Fluorescent street light gave the boat a really cool glow, so I took advantage of the opportunity.

My next stop on the photowalk was the small waterfront park on Magothy View Road, behind the sports fields on Cape St. Claire Road.  It was dark when I arrived.  Thinking I was going to be taking a sunrise photo I had my 18-55mm lens on the camera. However as I walked down to the water I saw a huge Heron resting on a piling about 150 feet away.  I slowly walked back to the car and loaded my 70-300mm lens on the camera.  After I had set up the tripod I took several shots before the Heron got frightened and flew across the river.  The bad news is when I got back home and loaded the photos into the computer, the Heron was badly out of focus.  My camera had focused on a tall cattail instead of the bird, and unfortunately I didn’t notice it in the camera when I took the photos.  Lesson learned on making sure my subject is in focus.

Next weeks photos will be a little different from what you have been seeing lately.  I’ll be shooting some planes and other aviation type stuff  over the weekend, should be interesting.


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