Photos and Crabs with Carlos and Friends

On Sunday afternoon I took photographer friend Carlos Martin, and several other friends, on a photo walk at the US Naval Academy. Carlos is visiting from Spain, and has spent the past few weeks taking photographs and touring all around the DC area.  Carlos also went to the Reading Air Show with us a few weekends back.  Carlos has every camera gadget known to man, and a pretty sweet Nikon D7000.

I have been to the Naval Academy many, many times in my life but have never gone with the specific plan to take photographs. We took in the normal sights; Captains Row, The Commandants Residence, Chapel, Herndon monument, Bancroft Hall, and Dahlgren Hall.  All in all it was a great walk that was accented by a quick run into Dalhgren Hall to get out of the torrential thunderstorm we had Sunday afternoon.

Here is a photo of Dahlgren as the storm quickly approached.  I put the trusty 18-55 Cannon lens on the camera so I could go as wide as possible.  I am drawn to the image because of the light hitting the front of the building.  It’s bright, but subtle at the same time.

We concluded our photo walk with all you can eat crabs at Buddy’s Crabs and Ribs on the dock.  $22 per person was a steal for the size crabs we got, and the view from the table, overlooking the busy city dock below, was a great end to a fun afternoon.


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