This post is a departure from the norm in several ways.  First,  the photo is a departure from my normal landscape/scenery/wildlife genre.  And second, I have experimented with the caption box to list my copyright and image title.  The Jury is still out on the caption box, let me know what you think.

For Father’s Day and my birthday (tomorrow 6/20) my family gave me a Jobo PhotoGPS4 so I can geotag my photos in the camera.  The image above is a “test” image that I shot to make sure the device was working,  and thankfully it was working very well.  The way it works is the device attaches to the hot shoe on the camera and as your shutter releases the GPS sends a signal to a satellite which sets a time stamp.  After you download your images from the photo session on your PC   the Jobo software matches the  GPS  timestamps to the timestamps of the photo and writes the longitude and latitude into the meta-data of the image.  The Jobo software also adds a street address and the closest visible point of interest to the meta-data as well.

Sorry to get all geeked out on you for this post, but I am enjoying the new tech gadget for the camera.  Tomorrow, as I mentioned above, is my birthday.  I am taking the day off and after an oil change I am headed to either Blackwater NWR or Antietam Battlefield, depending on what kind of mood I am in.  I am sure I’ll have photos to share later in the week.

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