Saturday Morning Photo Project

My photography has been a bit stale lately.  I’ve struggled to find interesting subjects, composition, camera settings and just plain inspiration.  I was relieved this week to find a great article over on The Digital Photography School blog titled 5 Ideas to Kick Start Your Photography.  I won’t rehash the entire article, you can read it for yourself.

This morning I was up, again, before the sun and surfing the internet.  Bored already, I grabbed the camera and headed to the favorite spot.  This morning, however, I set up a few rules.  First, I locked my 28-200 zoom to 28mm.  This forced me to concentrate on composition.  Second, I set the camera to manual focus.  This forced me to worry about what I wanted to capture in the shot.  Third, I limited the total shoot to 36 exposures. To build on that I also didn’t allow myself to take multiple shots from the same angle.  Now I had planned to process some, if not all, of the photos through Photomatix, so all of the composed photos were bracketed.  I also tried not to review the photos after they were taken, but I admit I peeked a few times.

In the end I managed 4 shots that “worked”, and several that weren’t appealing at all.  Nonetheless, the exercise forced me to SLOW DOWN with the shutter a little.



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