Lake Claire Sunset

I leave this morning for a rare out of town business trip.   Business travel used to be a regular part of my work week, but over the past two years I haven’t traveled at all for work. I can’t say I am looking forward to the trip, but the traveling aspect is a welcome change to my normal routine  Fortunately, I’ll be back late Tuesday night.

Today’s photo is from 2008.  It’s from the Lake Claire Beach area of Cape St. Claire. I caught this shot at the end of a long day out taking photos with my, then middle school aged, daughter. We spent the afternoon traveling to three spots around Annapolis taking photos and spending time together.

This photo has sat unedited in the archives since it was shot almost three years ago.  I am not sure why, but it has.   Happy Monday everyone!


6 thoughts on “Lake Claire Sunset

    1. Sorry for the late “approval” of your comment Steve, I’ve been away from WP tending to pre-Christmas tasks. Thank you for stopping by and for your comments!


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