Shallow Flower/Link Tuesday

Here is a photograph from an early spring 2011 trip to Quiet Water’s Park in Annapolis.  We enjoyed walking the trails with the kids and enjoying a (somewhat) warm spring afternoon along the banks of the South River.

I have decided to try a new feature to this space.  On a regular basis, tentatively on Tuesdays, I am going to link to another photo blog out there in cyberspace.  Generally speaking this will be a new photo blog I have discovered, but I am sure I’ll link to a few I have followed for years.  So take a minute and click the link, you may find something interesting.

Today’s link is PHRANKSPHOTOS365, a photo 365 project by Frank Wallace.  Frank hails from Oklahoma, a place I have never visited.  I stumbled on the blog earlier this week when he posted a photo of a Cedar Waxwing.  Take a minute and visit, I think you’ll enjoy what you find.

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