Photo goals update

The Canon 7D makes its first stop at the "Favorite Spot"

Goal number three in my previous post on my 2012 Photography Goals has been demolished. Goal number three was to be content with my aging Canon 350D for one more year. However, that plan changed late last week when Penn Camera announced they we filing for Chapter 11, and subsequently announced a liquidation sale of their inventory. I hinted to the executive finance committee (aka my wife) if we were going to upgrade my camera this may be the time to make the jump. Surprisingly, she agreed.

The let down was all Penn Camera had available were floor models of the Canon 60D and 7D. We didn’t make the purchase.

We ended up finding a great deal on a Canon 7D from I chose the 7D for two reasons. First, unless I turn pro (extremely unlikely) or the technology becomes irrelevant (probably not for quite a few years) the 7D is a camera that can sustain my hobby for the foreseeable future. The Canon 60D matches up closely, but I was extremely concerned I would break the flip and tilt LCD screen, rendering the camera usless. When you are looking at the price difference between the models it made sense to upgrade to the 7D. With the online deal I found that difference was about $250.

The image above was taken this morning from the favorite spot. The image isnt that great. I braketed three images and processed them very minimally in Photomatix. I have a lot to learn.

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