Cloud Photo Friday 5-18-2012

Cloud Photo Friday 5-18-2012

My apologies for the lack of posts this week, it’s cloud photo Friday again. While I wasn’t posting this week it was a busy one in honing my photography skills. I spent last weekend and several evening this week re-organizing my photo library. I had photos strewn throughout two internal hard drives and 1 external one. Now they all reside in one place. The next step is to set up a meaningful back-up program to protect my images. They are backed up now, but only when I physically make the effort to start the back up.

As for this photo, we had a wonderfully cloudy evening one night this week. I shot this photo of the Magothy River looking NNW from the Cape St. Claire main beach. The point of land next to the boat is Gibson Island marking the mouth of the river. The treeline in the center of the horizon is Dobbins Island. If you look along the horizon to the left you can see the stacks of the Brandon Shores Power Plant in Pasadena MD.

The photo was shot with a Canon 7D, and a Quantaray 28-200 lens manually focused at infinity, 28mm. F/16 for 1/200 sec, ISO200. Image is cropped.


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