On Hiatus (for a while at least)


The time has come to sign off of the blog for a while.  I started this blog in December 2007 after I received a Canon G9 as a Christmas present. Since that time the 470 posts published here have chronicled my serious journey into the hobby I have loved since I was a child watching my father develop photos in our home darkroom. The first photo published here was of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (perhaps my favorite place on the planet) taken on vacation in 2006 with a Sony 5GB digital point and shoot.  The photo was cropped to an odd proportion, the lighthouse was off center and crooked, the date stamp was plastered in the bottom left corner, and there were other tourists taking photos of the lighthouse in my frame.  Nonetheless, at the time, I loved it.  I have come a long way since then, but haven’t hit my stride as a photographer by any means.

The blog has never been very popular. In fact since December 2007 it has garnered just over 9,000 page views.  Out of those 470 posts only 240 comments have been made and half of those were responses I gave to each.  On its busiest day the blog saw 147 page views, but that day there was a blizzard occurring in Maryland so I had a captive audience.  Since that day I haven’t seen more than 100 page views but once or twice. 

But popularity is not the reason, and it’s never been the reason I have blogged my photography.  I have blogged my photography because taking photos has cultivated the artistic side of my brain like nothing has before.  Posting my photographs here has given a very quiet person a voice on the world wide web, even if it’s a quiet voice.  Photographs are made to share, and this seemed like the place to share them. 

So, then why sign off?  There are a few reasons:

First, social media has taken an ugly place in the lifestyle I lead.  Face it, on the very basic level this blog is nothing but an extension of my social media profile.  This summer I have spent many hours at our WIFI enabled  community pool. My tablet has joined me nearly every time.  Most days I don’t swim, but I do surf. 

Secondly, I have come to realize my photography workflow is off balance.  The entire process from camera to post centers around sharing photos not creating compelling photography. I am stopping short of creating better images because I am rushing to share them with all of you. So what I need to do is to press the posting pause button and create a body of work worth sharing, and then share it when I press play again. 

Third, posting is a pain, and time consuming, and frankly I am too tired to post most days. Kind of self explanatory, but if you remember the first reason, I am trying to reallocate some time to more important things. 

So there you have it, those are the reasons for the break.  How long of a break am I taking?  We’ll lets start with 6 months.  Around Christmas time I’ll check in, post a few photos, and sign back off for a few more months.  Perhaps by next spring or summer, this space, or a new and better one will find it’s way to your computer monitor.

However, as I said above, photos are meant to be shared, so I will be keeping a public portfolio on Google+.  Each month I’ll put a few photos out for sharing.  If you are familiar with Google+ my G+ profile can be viewed HERE . If you are not on G+ send me an email to nelson DOT cross AT gmail DOT com and I will make sure I share them with you via email.  Please remember though the focus slowing down my posting frequency and spending more time being Husband/Dad/Homeowner/Photographer  so there may be long periods of time where nothing is posted. 

Thank you to each that has followed, liked, commented, re-blogged, and been critical of my posts in this space.  Know each has been apprciated and helped me take better photographs. 

Be safe. See you in December. 



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