What a week in the "Land of Pleasant Living"

Yesterday evening marked the end of a great sports week in Baltimore.  Our beloved Ravens of the NFL won two games, one last Sunday against the Patriots, and again last Thursday against the Cleveland Browns.  Not to be outdone the the Orioles won their ninety-second game of the year Sunday and earned a spot (somewhere) in post season play for the first time in fifteen years.   

Fifteen years ago, I owned a share of a season ticket package at Camden Yards and had the opportunity to go to thirteen regular season games, but went to many more, often buying a standing room only ticket and standing along the fence in the flag court.  But there was one major, major thing occuring in my life at the time.  My daughter, Victoria, was almost a year old, and it was getting harder and harder to sneak away to the ballpark.  So, at the end of the 1997 season I gave up my season ticket share and elected to watch games from home (and save alot of money).

This past Sunday I bought three tickets to the last regular season game at Camden Yards for the Orioles. My dad and my son, Jackson, went to the game with me.  The photo above is from our seats. I’ve been to a handful of games over the last fifteen years (less than 10).  Yesterday it was nice to see the stands full and the crowd excited for baseball in Baltimore. 


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