Bring on the Yankees

Let’s Go O’s!

Last night was the first post-season baseball game I have cared about in fifteen years.  It felt great to cheer on the hometeam Orioles to a victory over the Texas Rangers. Whats great about this Orioles team is they are still, although the record really doesn’t support the theory, viewed as a team playing well beyond their ability.  Clearly Texas doesn’t feel that way this morning, and the Yankees know better as well. 

About the photograph

The Oriole Bird is a very visible sign around town both during the baseball season, but the offseason as well.  Here is a bird sighting from the Severna Park Fourth of July Parade this past summer.  Another interesting feature to the photograph is the early model Corvette he is riding. I am terrible with knowing years of classic cars, so if you know please commet. 

Back to Blogging

This post is the jumping off point for a month of scheduled posts. I have been working hard since taking a posting hiatus to pull together a bulk of material to post. The plan is to continue to add to the blog photo pile making choosing an image to post much easier.  I’ve also set up some syncing with Dropbox so that I can post photos from several different connected devices from nearly anyplace that has a wifi conncection.  If you are not using dropbox let me know and I’ll send you an invitation to sign up. 

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