OK! Everybody Freak Out!!!!

Maryland is buzzing this morning with the news of Hurricane Sandy.  Forecast is for the storm to hit us here in central Maryland late Monday into Tuesday.  This is causing mayhem in our supermarkets and gas stations.  Home Depot has already sold out of generators and is skeptical about getting more. Need toilet paper? Forget about it!  Oh the joy! I need to hit said supermarket today for some batteries for our camp lantern and oranges for the soccer team snack today.  I’ll also pick up some food we can grill if we loose power for a few days.  Other than that our house has weathered Isabel in ’03, Isaac in ’11 and numerous other nor’easters over the years, so we are safe. 

Photo above is from the favorite spot last winter.  I have posted many many photos of the favorite spot over the years.  For those who don’t know, this is on the Little Magothy River looking Northeast.  This is a realively protected creeek in a storm, but is prone to flood.  Fortunately my house a a few blocks away and fifteen or so feet higher in elevation. 


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