Little Magothy Marsh

From last Spring at the Little Magothy River inlet.  The famous (on this blog anyway) “favorite spot” is around the marsh to the right.  This is a very popular place to fish in the summer and an even more popular place for the young people in our community to “hang out”.  Once Sandy clears out my son and I will be doing some beach clean up in the marshy area so our herons, red winged blackbirds, and egrets have clean place to live.  If you want to join us leave a comment and I’ll coordinate the details with you. 

The image was processed with HDR software, but as you can tell doesn’t have that HDR’ish over produced look.  This seems to be my style with HDR and landscape photography.  However when working on photos of cars, motorcycles, or other “objects”  I prefer the more surreal look to the production.  Lots and lots of discussion on the web about HDR.  Its a great tool in the tool box, but it’s not the best tool for every photograph. 

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