More Sandy Photographs

Here’s the favorite spot with some moderate flooding.  From the water level of the oyster hatchery it looks 2 feet or so above normal.

Here’s the Cape St. Claire Fishing Pier.  No damage but again, an extremely high tide. 

Normally there is a sandy beach in front of the kayak rack.  Also, in the distance you can see the marina piers are flooded over.  Luckily no boats were loosened and floated away. 

Here is our boat ramp on Deep Creek.  Usually to the left of the fish cleaning sink is the grade down to the water’s edge that is usually where the sailboat is on the other side of a retaining wall. 

Clearly this was not the storm we thought it was going to be; at least for Cape St. Claire, MD.  Our power was out for about 18 hours, and a drive around the neighborhood showed no major tree damage.  The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is about 3-4 miles as the crow flies from our house, and they reported gusts of 90mph with 75mph sustained winds during the storm.  That’s fairly serious wind.  Fortunately, the damage was minimal.  This last photo above is the only damage sustained at our house.  My grill chimney was blown from its resting spot under the grill. 

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