Central Park Sunday Morning

In August I had an opportunity to spend a very warm afternoon in Central Park, NYC with my camera.  I had just dropped our daughter off at the Joffrey Ballet for a summer dance intensive, and had 5 hours to kill before my bus back to Baltimore departed.  For some reason I was uncomfortable walking around Central Park. Not uncomfortable about my safety, because I actually felt Central Park and Manhattan in general to be very safe on this trip.  Rather, I just felt out of place.  I managed a few interesting shots, but ended up at the bus depot early to head home. 

My daughter spent the better part of her summer in NYC and my trip to Manhatten was actually the second time we had dropped her at the Joffrey.  She had a New York City bucket list that included a trip to Strawberry Fields in Central Park to see the Imagine Mosaic.  However, she never found the mosaic on her several trips to the park.  I managed to find the mosaic with very little issue. The street performer below was playing Bob Dylan as a group thirty of forty people posed for photos on the mosaic. 

I have a few more New York City photos scheduled to post over the next few weeks.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the city as it recovers from Sandy. 


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4 thoughts on “Central Park Sunday Morning

    1. Thanks, those are my favorites as well. All in all it was a very frustrating day behind the camera for me. I had looked forward to the afternoon in NYC for the better part of a month. When it finally came, all I wanted to do was get home. As always Anthony your comments are greatly appreciated!


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