Army Plymouth

This photo was yesterday’s scheduled photo that I did not have time to post last night. This is a new edited image that I “moved up” in my posting plan to share in place of the regularly scheduled November 30th photograph. The photo itself is from the WWII air show in Reading PA back in June 2011. The scene was a reenactment of a USO dance and this old Plymouth was staged to be parked outside the dance. As I have mentioned in the past I am terrible with knowing years of old cars, so I have sent this photo off to my dad, I’ll update the post with the year later. 

The photo is a milestone for me in a number of ways. First, as you can tell it’s HDR. Actually its not true HDR, as it’s a single Jpeg saved at varying exposure values in LR3 (I need to distinguish because I installed LR4 this week). The unedited version of this image had a major blemish which was removed using the Content Aware mask in Photoshop, along with an additional background layer added to increase sharpness. All that to say this image defines a starting point for some new editing work flow. That notion is a bit daunting, as I was quite comfortable with the old work flow. You can’t grow if you don’t change. 

It’s Christmas Tree day in our house today. That starts with going out and buying the tree. Undoubetly this will create some photo “ops” in the coming weeks. Have a great Saturday everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Army Plymouth

  1. Plymouths were not my thing until the ’60s when they became serious contenders in the performance market, but I’ll guess this one is a 1941 or 1942, assuming this is a WWII scene. Auto production stopped for the war effort in about Dec of 1941, which means there were very few 1942’s produced. There were no 1943 to 1945 models of any major brand.


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