Foggy Morning (Updated)

Photography is highly rewarding and incredibly frustrating at the same time. 

My job had me up early and out of the house around 3:30AM today.  As I was walking though our living room to leave I looked out the window and noticed a heavy layer of fog in the streetlight outside. We had heavy rain the night before in advance of a warmer temperatures falling on the cool ground and rivers in the Annapolis area.   My mind immediately shifted to fog photography and my jealousy of the shots my friend Drew had taken a week earlier. I decided to grab my camera in case I had some time for photography after I was done with work.  A few long hours later I was done with work and standing on the dock pictured about, heavy fog still in tact.

To set up the shot I loaded my camera on the tripod set at its lowest height setting (no legs extended). I set the camera to F18 so I could keep as much of the pier in focus as possible.  At this aperature correct exposure worked out to be 25 seconds at ISO200.  So I set the self time for a 2 second delay, hit the shutter, and stood back. A quick rewiew of the shot and I moved on to another, and another. 

Things were looking up.  I decided to walk to the sandy beach to the left and slightly behind where the camera is set in the shot.  I took a few shots from the beach looking down the underside of the dock (look for that one soon).  Then I moved the tripod over to the dock to the left (where the boats are docked) an composed the image I had envisioned when I parked ten minute earlier.  Then BOOM the camera when dead, battery was dead.  Photo session ended, pack up the tripod.  There were thousands of photo opporunities hiding in this one area and I had a rather expensive camera with a dead battery. 

The story is a little larger than that though.  I knew the gamble when I picked up the camera when leaving the house.  The battery needed to be charged a week ago.  However, my wall charger is AWOL, can’t find it anywhere.   To make matters worse, the travel charger a certain New York camera retailer sold me as a back up charger wasn’t compatible with a Canon 7D battery.  So I am dead in the water until I can find, or purchase, a charger. 

I decided to crop the photo to be a Facebook Cover Photo.  I am planning another version of the image at it’s normal aspect.

Oh, one more thing.  It’s Army/Navy football day.  GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY!!!

Two important updates.  First I bought a universal charger at the mall camera store last night, and now have two fully charged batteries for my camera. It’s much slower than the one supplied with the camera, but it will make a great second/travel charger to keep in my camera bag.  What a relief.  And second, for the 11th straight year Navy beat Army, as expected!


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2 thoughts on “Foggy Morning (Updated)

  1. Love it. I saw it this morning when you made it the cover photo. Great composition. I really like the lights of the other pier off to the side. Plus of course fade out main pier off into the distance.

    Also – glad to hear I could be of some inspiration! 🙂


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