Along the Boardwalk

Cape St. Claire Marina Boardwalk, November 2012
Cape St. Claire Marina Boardwalk, November 2012

Well this is gigantic surprise!  WordPress has fixed their editor!  Fa La La La La, La La, La La La La

Seriously, I had to install a third-party blog editor because, for some reason, I couldn’t edit any text or photographs when I was logged into the WordPress site.  I could use the “quick post” module, but I couldn’t process posts the way I like.  Kudos for the fix WordPress.

The photo above was taken early last month during my Veterans Day 28mm photowalk.  This is the short boardwalk at our community marina along Deep Creek off of the Magothy River.  This is the opposite side of the community from where we live, and I don’t get over to this spot too often.  When I do I usually find a few interesting photographs.

Here is the story of the photo.  This past Veterans day I worked a half day, but the kids had school.  This gave me the whole afternoon free.  So, I packed the camera gear in the truck and stopped by this spot (and a few others) when I left the office.  As you can see we were at the peak of fall season and falling leaves had covered the boardwalk.  The first photo from this perspective was taken down low as I was kneeling on the dock.  The photograph was interesting, but I liked this perspective a little better because it doesn’t overemphasize the leaves.


2 thoughts on “Along the Boardwalk

  1. This is an absolutely breathtaking picture. How splendid indeed is nature and it’s bountiful pleasures. And by the way, I spent four hours trying to write a blog and every time I tried to post it the pictures were all screwed up and I had to start all over. I finally decided to give up and took it as an omen that the post was just stupid. Oh well.


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