Little Magothy Marina, Cape St. Claire MD, November 2012
Little Magothy Marina, Cape St. Claire MD, November 2012

One more from the Veterans Day photowalk a few few weeks ago.  For this photo I did get low to the ground to obtain the perspective I wanted in the photo.  As you can tell, the leaves don’t overpower the scene like they would have in yesterday’s photograph.

I have a few blog housekeeping items to share as we head into the Christmas holiday and the end of the year.

First, next Saturday the 22nd I am going to post my, self assessed, report card for my 2012 photo goals.  Then on January 1, 2013, I’ll post my goals for 2013.  If you are learning this photography thing one image at a time, like me, I would strongly suggest you set some goals for your photography for next year.  I have surprised myself this year with how focused I was in keeping my goals intact (although I did break the rules a few times).

Second, I am going to change the way I post some photographs.  Let me explain.  My approach has been to post one photograph per post, explain the photo (a little at least), and the next day post another single photo.  Starting in the new year I am going to post several shots if I have gone out on photo taking trek that has yielded several shots I want to share.  In doing so, I hope to share the story of the walk with you.  I’ll still post single images and the goal will be to post content every day.

Third, starting weekly I am going to post links to the top 10 images or  interesting articles on photography  I have run across on the web throughout the week.

Fourth, and finally, I am going to ***attempt*** to publish on the blog a photo 365 in 2013.  These images however, will be generated by my cell phone, or Canon G12 , which is kept in my work backpack.  These will be largely unprocessed snapshots, and there will be little to no commentary from me on the images, just the image.

If you have any suggestions for this blog please feel free to share.  Clearly my goals for the upcoming year here is to post more, but post better content.  Ideas, critiques, and discussions are always welcomed!

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