Little Magothy Fall View

Little Magothy River, Fall 2011

A slightly different view from the favorite spot on the Little Magothy River.  I tend to photograph in the opposite direction from this vantage point, but on this day the fall colors changing on the far shoreline caught my attention.  I have to be honest, I don’t remember a lot more about this photograph.  This location is very close to my house so it’s possible I stopped by quickly while running errands or on my way to or from work.

Can’t believe Christmas Eve is a week away.  I have photos in the queue this week, but may miss a day or two as we wrap up some loose ends for the Holiday.

More kudos for WordPress! Not only have they fixed the bug with the online editor, now they have included a unique visitor count to their stats page.  This is outstanding information, thanks WordPress!


4 thoughts on “Little Magothy Fall View

    1. Yes Hello neighbor! The Little Magothy is tucked away between Cape St. Claire and the Bayhead Road area and is actually located off of the Bay and not the Magothy River, and in my opinion is proof there is a God and he love us. Your fog photos from earlier in the week are amazing… Looking forward to sharing photos and stories of the Broadneck area! –Nels


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