More from the Fall Photowalk

Cape St. Claire Fishing Pier, November 2012

Wow!  The mall was packed tonight.  I am so glad for the internet and the opportunity to shop (and blog) from home.  Here is one more from my November photo walk on Veteran’s Day.  One of the drawbacks of the new posting plan clearly is similar posts get edited and put into the posting queue at the same time.  Starting in the new year these posts will contain multiple photos from the same photo session or event.  Hopefully that will help.

I have shot a zillion photos from this area, yet very few make it to the blog.  I think that’s because none have lived up to my very first photo of this part of the beach.  This image is a rather sloppy HDR from a single jpeg image.  It works for me but is a rather good example of what I am missing w/ HDR photography, all of my images end up with the range of color, but not the dramatic over the top look to the photo.  Thus I am fooling with HDR less and less as my skills develop.  That said every once in a while I get one right and when I do it rekindles my interest in the craft.


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