2012 Photo Goals Report Card

2012-12-23 (2)

Back in January 2012 I posted my photography goals for 2012.  I didn’t hit each goal spot on, but I feel the process has led to higher quality photographs.  The 2013 version of my photography goals will likely include at least one of the three I set this year because I feel it’s important to continue honing that particular skill (more on that later in the post).  So here’s the report card:

Goal #1 Take Less Photos, Grade: B

When I calculated numbers earlier in the week I had taken 7,975 photographs this year, down from 11,000 in 2011.  The idea in making this goal was to take less photos and in turn think more about composition and camera settings.  While the number shows success the number of photographs is down this year because I went on far fewer photo excursions. However, I did manage to control my happy shutter finger, thus the grade.  The grade is a B because I wanted to cut the number of photos taken in half, i fell short of that goal.

Goal #2 Be content with my equipment, Grade: C-

This goal pretty much went out the window two weeks into January when I bought a Canon 7D to replace my aging 300D Rebel.  Even though this looks like a fail on the surface it’s a failure I’d gladly do again.  Adding the 7D as my regular camera has improved my photography.  By saying that, I’ll also say the 7D hasn’t improved my photography because it takes an enormous 18MP photo that’s of a much better quality than the 300D.  But rather the relationship between ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and white balance is much more sensitive.  I’ve had to basically re-learn the exposure triangle. This is what has improved my photography, and is the reason this goal is marked a C- and not a D.

Goal #3 Learn Photoshop, Grade: B

I now have Photoshop, and it’s a regular part of my photography workflow.  What I use Photoshop most for is processing RAW images, and cleaning up blemishes in my photos.  This is a great tool to have in the box, along with Ligthroom 4, and Photomatix (although my HDR work is down significantly) . What I find is that LR4 is the workhorse in my workflow, and will most likely be the workhorse in the future. The grade is a B because I waited until October to get Photoshop, had I started using it earlier in the year my photography output would have improved earlier in the year.

Overall Grade: on the C side of a  B-

I hit two of three goals, although I didn’t fulfill those goals completely.  The third goal, I didn’t follow at all, although by breaking the goal I have learned to take better photographs.  Room for improvement in 2013.

Who else set photography goals in 2012?  How did you do?  If you have 2013 goals please share them in the comments section.


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