Blog report card for 2012


Wow, what a morning so far crunching the yearly stats for the blog.  With two days left in 2012 the blog has 1660 page views year to date, and late last night hit 10,000 page views all time.  While the views this year were less than half of last year it has far been my favorite year blogging my photographs.  After an short hiatus in August I returned in October with a new posting plan and a renewed interest in blogging photographs.  Not surprisingly, the top seven of ten photos, by both page views and likes, have been posted since my return from hiatus.

Page Views and Likes

WordPress provides acceptable stats in my opinion.  However one thing they do not aggregate are “likes” from other WordPress bloggers.  Because I view a “like” as a view of a photograph I wanted to factor those likes in my top posts of the year.  This required me, via pen and paper, to review each post and mark down the total number of “likes”.  I was amazed that I have received 582 “likes” from fellow bloggers this year.  Thank  you!

Top Posts

After I added posts with top “likes” to the top posts in terms of page views I have produced the following list of the overall top ten posts this year.  Fell free to follow the links to view the posts.

Some interesting notes about these posts.  First the top post, Quiet Morning, gained the top honors in the last 24-hours.  The post is a tribute to my late Aunt Nan, who passed a week ago last Friday. At a family party last night the post was mentioned to some of my cousins, who in turn visited the blog last night.  They are visitors nonetheless, so I am honored to have this as the top post of the year.  Another note is two of the top ten posts could be considered photo-journalism, in that the posts were about Hurricane Sandy this past October.  That combined with my post about my Aunt Nan show an important blogging lesson.  People enjoy reading posts “about” something, and not so much just a random photograph by a wandering amateur.  In the coming year I’ll need to find ways to report photographs rather than post them.  Any ideas are welcomed.

Here’s the top ten:

1 Quiet Morning
2 Little Magothy Fall View
3 Along the Boardwalk
4 Very Patient Chairs
5 More Sandy Photographs
6 Sandy Update
7 Ok! Everybody Freak Out!
8 Saturday Reflection
9 Belted Kingfisher
10 Photo Goals for 2012

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