Photo Goals for 2013


Hello 2013!  I am writing this post watching both a football game, and 3 racks of ribs smoking on the grill.

As promised here are some of my photography goals for 2013.  Some are the same as last year, while others are new.  Like last year some will be easy to accomplish and some I won’t even come close to completing.  The only certain goal will be to set goals and work toward them.  Here are the goals in no particular order of importance.

1. Invest in this Blog

Not really talking about a monetary investment with this goal, although I may purchase a storage space upgrade.  I need to blog more, and I need to blog better.  When I blog regularly other areas of my life fall into alignment.  I’ve set up some work flow for posting which really makes the actual posting easier, so I’ll continue with this in the new year.

Some other areas of change should be the addition of a real “about” page, and some other pages devoted to the different areas of this hobby I have a library of photos.

Early next week I am going to publish a post detailing some changes to the blog, and the plan for the new year.  Stay tuned!

2. I need a new lens (or two)

My go to lens is an older Quantarray 28-200 zoom lens.  Its a good lens, but it’s not a great lens.  One of the eye openers I’ve had with my new 2.8 40mm Canon lens is the sharpness of the focus.  The Quantarray isn’t nearly as sharp, and again I’m using it as a go-to lens.  So the plan would be to get a lens in the 17-70mm range, which can function as that go-to lens, and the Quantarry can be re-purposed on the DSLR my daughter frequently uses.  I’d prefer to get a fast Canon lens, although my dad has a superior Sigma lens which I’ve used on many occasions.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

3. Take less photos

Like last year, the goal is to take less, but take better photos.

4. More photowalks, less favorite spot

This goal is very specific; take two photowalks per moth.  Each of this photowalks needs to be more than 5 miles from my home.  I’ve become very comfortable taking photos close to my home.  And to be honest when you live as close to the Chesapeake Bay as I do it’s hard to resist the beauty that waits within a 2 minute drive from the house.  I need to branch out, try new things.

5. Join a photography club

Getting likes and shares of my photos on Facebook and Twitter are very gratifying, but I seek some really objective critique of my work.  I also would like to network with some amateurs and professionals as my photography skills develop.

and finally…

6. Learn how to use my speedlight flash

Not much to say here, I stink with the flash, and I have no idea how to get a decently exposed photos outside of “auto” mode.

So there you have it, six goals.  Let’s see how well I can do.  Welcome to 2013!


2 thoughts on “Photo Goals for 2013

  1. Great goals. I’m jealous of your speedlight. I’ve never had an external flash, but from what I’m told you can immediately improve results by taking it off the camera, bouncing the light, and/or holding (or mounting) it about three feet to the side of the camera.


    1. Thanks!

      A friend who’s a pro has also given me the advice to get the flash off the camera. I’ll have to give that a try. I am terrible with it as is, not even in Auto Mode do the photographs look good.

      Happy New Year!


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