Central Park sepia


At first glance I was very disappointed with my photos of my photo-excursion in NYC this past summer. However, I just realized I have posted eight or ten photos of my trips there this summer.  Here is a sepia toned image of the boat lake in Central Park. I liked how the buildings in the background framed the scene.

Black and White and Sepia treated photography is catching my interest. I think I am going to devote the next few excursions to b/w exclusively,any tips in that area are greatly appreciated. 

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4 thoughts on “Central Park sepia

  1. A few things I’ve read over the years. A B&W photo s more than just a de-saturated color photograph.

    You should concentrate on composition, tone, shape and form rather than content. In other words, don’t take a photo of a building; take a photo of the play of light and shadow, a photo of the shapes and negative spaces.

    What might help is to set your camera to take RAW and jpeg together, then set the LCD view to monochrome. Post process the RAW version.


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