Baltimore Inner Harbour Panorama

Baltimore's Inner Harbor  ©2013 Nels Cross
Baltimore‘s Inner Harbor ©2013 Nels Cross

[click here for the full size version]

My daughter had a dance audition in Baltimore this afternoon and I had planned some photography while she was in the audition.  However, when we arrived we found we had come on the wrong day and the auditions were next weekend.  This allowed us to head down to Federal Hill and shoot some dance portraits of my daughter. I had read an article on the Digital Photography School website a few weeks ago about stitching photographs in Photoshop so I gave it a whirl.  Next time I’ll take a few steps forward so the trees are in the upper part of the photo.  This is most deffinately something I’ll try again, this was a very rewarding photography project.

As for the photos of my daughter dancing with these buildings behind, we are stating to edit them together.  I’ll share the finished product soon.


4 thoughts on “Baltimore Inner Harbour Panorama

    1. Somehow the wordpress Spam filter blocked this message! My apologies for the late response. The shot is handheld, I didn’t have a tripod with me. I lost about 10% of height because the middle sections were not aligned well with the sides, so the crop was pretty severe. Yes, although a little cold, it was a great day to be out with the camera and my daughter.


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