Another Week Closer


I suppose it was the week in sunny Florida a few weeks back, but our house is ready for warmer weather.  We are tired of sweaters, coats, and gloves.  We are tired of the dreaded central Marylandmixed precipitation” forecasts. We are ready for the pool, warm breezes, and cold drinks.  We’re ready for our neighbors sunflowers.

I missed an opportunity to take some photographs of the Mt Vernon area of Baltimore City last weekend.  Instead I spent an hour walking through the Walters Art Gallery.  I have never had a keen awareness of art.  However, in reading about photography I have heard several people mention how understanding and studying art has improved their photographic skills.  So I stopped in to the Walters with that in mind.  One painting stood out , it’s Andreas Achenbach‘s “Clearing up”.  Here is a link.  The use of sidelight and the detail to which Achenbach uses the light source to highlight the painting are what makes it most appealing to me.  I’ll look for how to use light better in upcoming photographs.  In the meantime, I am going to head to another art gallery soon, this time with my daughter as she has an assignment for school.



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