Photography Goal Reached


One of the my photography goals this year was to join a photography club.  The objective with this goal is twofold.  First, is the opportunity to network with other local photographers.  And the second is have my work critiqued by professionals and peers in the club.  So last night I attended a meeting of the Arundel Camera Club, and decided to make the jump and join the club for a whopping $12.50.

The meeting focused on a local professional photographer who shared tips and anecdotes for being a professional photog.  It was neither a business seminar, or a photography workshop, which was nice. Much more like practical storytelling; which, to me, is a great way to learn.   The club is headed over to Delaware this weekend for a photo walk.  Unfortunately, I can’t make the trip due to some other commitments.  I am looking forward to next week’s meeting where they will be judging color prints (macro theme) and slides (yes a few members are still doing slides).  Unsure if I’ll enter anything, I’ve not done much macro photography and I have never printed a slide before.

Above is the favorite spot run through a new LR4 preset I downloaded a few weeks back.  I usually like this scene to be clean with natural colors, but this reddish and very soft treatment is nice as well.  Hope you enjoy.

Oh! one more note about the photograph.  It was taken with my Canon G9 point and shoot mounted on a tripod.


14 thoughts on “Photography Goal Reached

  1. Very much agree! Really outstanding image! The composition and depth have left just staring into this for about 5 minutes without realizing it.

    One of my goals this year is to START a photography club since there aren’t any within 30 miles. Oh, for the time…


    1. Thank you sir!

      I have been planning to join this group for a long time, they meet weekly 10 minutes from the house. Yet another reason to talk Mrs. Bopp into moving to Maryland.


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