Sunday Ride in Central Park


This photo was in queue to share this week but was skipped.  Normally I would send this to a later date, but I decided to share this one as a second photo tonight.  The scene is Central Park, NYC.  I had stopped for a short break on a park bench when this cart trundled by.  If you have ever been to Central Park these horse drawn carts are plentiful and somewhat annoying.  That said they do convey a sense of the “old” way of life in New York.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Ride in Central Park

    1. Glad you liked it Phil, thanks!

      My daughter spent 7 weeks last summer in NYC, we visited several times. I am not an NYC type, I’m uncomfortable from the moment I get off the bus until I get back on again. I did manage a dozen or so photos worth sharing.


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