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Marsh Walk/Photo Matting


In early January, my son and I took a walk to the marshy area at the mouth of the Little Magothy River.  I am not particularly happy with the snapshots of the afternoon, and in some ways this one is included.  However, I like his expression and I like the late afternoon SW sunlight in the scene. We are home today, we’ve cancelled our activities out and about as my son is dealing with a touch of the stomach bug.  I have a few blog maintenance items/enhancements on tap for the day.  I am traveling on business a little this week so posts after Monday may scarce.  Below is another snapshot from our walk.


Yesterday I matted a few photos.  This is my least favorite photography related activity.  This time I simply used Artist’s Tape to secure the photos to the mat.  This method worked much better than the mylar strips I used last time.  I also had the photos oversized slightly with a white border when I printed them.  The white border, while it helped in some ways, made it a little difficult to properly align the photos when using the black and blue mats.  Here’s the finished collection of a three of the photographs, I matted a total of eight.  I was set to enter these in the Arundel Camera Club color print competition, but my travel plans most likely will not allow me to attend the meeting. If these photos look familiar I have shared them here in the past.

ACC-Print-2-27-2013 collection-9274



  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Always great being out in nature!

  2. Good luck with your entries with The Arundel camera club. They look great to me.

    • Nels says:

      Thank you! I am traveling on Wednesday for business and I’m not sure I’ll be home in time for the meeting, but I am turning the photos in tomorrow…

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