Sorry for the Delay


Sorry for the delay telling everyone the news.  As you may have read earlier in the week, I joined the Arundel Camera Club last week.  I decided to enter their monthly contest (theme macro/close up) this week.  And I am rather humbled to announce that the above photo “Sea Oat” won first place for novice color print.  This marks the first award of any kind I have received for my work, partially because it’s the only contest I have ever entered.  The only regret I have is I was not there to see it judged or to get feedback from the other members as I was traveling home from a business trip during the club’s weekly meeting.

Do I expect to win regularly going forward, absolutely not.  But is is very satisfying to have been judged by other photographers and found my work stands up to that of my peers.

4 thoughts on “Sorry for the Delay

    1. Thanks Phil, it was very unexpected. That said I mounted it on a dark blue mat and the photo pops. It was going on the wall regardless of the results.


    1. Thanks! I missed the meeting so I didn’t hear the feedback. As I said in the post, it was very fulfilling to have been judged professionally and had my work stand up to others in the group.


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