Foggy Magothy Morning


Tonight was the second competition I’ve entered since joining the Arundel Camera Club last month.  This photo brought home an Honorable Mention in tonight’s Arundel Camera Club B/W print competition.  The theme was simplicity.  Truthfully, I am surprised it did that well, as it was up against some incredible black and white prints.  The judge offered no commentary on the photo, which was disappointing.  Nonetheless, I am happy to have received an honorable mention.

I entered another photo in the color print category with the theme “it’s not sharp, but I like it”.  The photo was horrible, if not embarrassing when compared to the others in the group.  Poor photo choice, poor printing, and poor matting compared to the others in the group.  The judge did provide some feedback, she said the photo’s un-sharpness didn’t “tell the story” of the photograph.  She was right it was not my best effort.

Lessons learned:

1. These folks take printing and matting seriously.  Learn to do it right.  If the largest allowed dimensions are 16x20m print 16×20 and not an inch smaller.  Simply taping an 8×10 to a store bought mat isn’t going to cut the mustard.  For that matter stop printing everything 8×10 in the first place.

2. If I don’t have time to do it right, take the week off.  I rushed to get two photos entered this week and it showed.  Give myself enough time to choose, print, mat the right images the right way.  And if nothing else, if it doesn’t look right when it’s matted, pull the plug!

3. Art is in the eye of the viewer.  My color print (not the photo above) which didn’t stack up made me laugh for a very personal reason.  In the end though, my personal feeling for the picture meant nothing to the audience.  The photo is better suited for a scrapbook than a artistic photo competition.

The next competition has the theme “open”. I am going to start preparing tonight.


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