Blindside View



Here’s a first for me.  With the exception of re-sizing for the web (I upload everything at 5mp) and adding my watermark this photo is straight from the camera.  That’s right, no editing.  I didn’t feel like spending an hour or so sliding whites, clarity, and exposure settings.  I walked in from work tonight with just enough time to drive over Kent Island‘s Terrapin Beach Park.  Kent Island is on the eastern side of the bay, so it lends itself to sunset shots over the bay.  For this shot I wanted to meter for the sunset beyond the duck blind and allow the structure of the blind to be silhouetted.  So I dialed in F/22, bumped up my ISO so I could stop any motion in the grasses and fired away.  Is it the best photo in the world, no it’s not.  But, it is an example of how I am thinking through my shot before I press the shutter.  I took two photos from this vantage point, both similar in exposure.  A year ago, I would have shot 30-40 photos from this vantage point just to get one I could edit into oblivion.

Oh, and by the way, if you look closely you can see the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the distance.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Blindside View

  1. Isn’t it so rewarding when you are really starting to get your camera, settings, composition and ideas more intuitive. I also remember taking a zillion photos in the beginning and coming up with very little. Now I take fewer photos, but a lot more keepers. 🙂
    Great shot Nels – next week Cherry Blossoms!


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